Research and the Internet

24 02 2010

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Databases vs. Websites

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Website Evaluation Tools

Internet Research

When using the Internet for research, you need to be careful to use sites that contain reliable information.  To determine if a site is reliable, answer the following questions about each site.
1. Who authored it?
2. What was the author’s purpose?
3. When was the page created?
4. Is the information documented?
5. Deconstruct the URL (use list below for help)

Deconstructing the URL: Internet Domains
Each Internet web site has a domain name that helps us know where the information comes from.  Here’s a list of the most common domain names.

.edu – Educational institution (usually reliable)
.com – Commercial organization (examine .com
sites closely since often these sites are
trying to sell or promote products or ideas
.mil – Military
.gov – Government sites
.net – Special Network Resources
.org – Other organizations