Bully Awareness Resources

19 09 2012

A Sample of the Print Resources Available at Metcalf Library – for more print resources go to:  http://library.illinoisstate.edu/

Don’t Feed the Bully by Brad Tassell:

Junior Chapter Book – Detective and sixth-grade student Hannibal Greatneck III (“Handy” to his friends) confronts the problem of bullies at school.

Ant Bully by John Nickle

Picture Book – Sid is such a big bully that Lucas wishes he could squash him like a bug. But Lucas is too little to do that. Instead he bullies the ants. The ants, however, have had enough of Lucas’s nasty games. And they teach him a lesson that will make him (and readers) think twice about being mean.

My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig

Picture Book – A girl confides to her mother that her best friend is treating her badly, and together they figure out what to do about it.

Bully Blockers Club by Teresa Bateman

Picture Book – With appealing animal characters, this realistic story shows how a bully can hurt others and provides suggestions about how younger children can handle the situation.

Amelia’s Bully Survival Guide by Marissa Moss

Fiction Book – After successfully commanding the Discovery shuttle mission at Space Camp, Amelia returns to fifth grade where she deals with the bully who has been making her life miserable.

Bye-Bye, bully! : a kid’s guide for dealing with bullies by J.S. Jackson

Non-Fiction Book 302.3 JAC – This helpful handbook delves into the who, what, and why’s of bullying and, most importantly, the how’s of thwarting bullies. Kids will learn nonviolent ways to assert and protect themselves-and when to ask for adult help.

Chester Raccoon and the big bad bully by Audrey Penn

Picture Book – In this latest addition to the Kissing Hand book collection, Chester Raccoon must learn to deal with another common problem of childhood: a bully at school.

Never swipe a bully’s bear by Katherine Applegate

Junior Chapter Book – When first-grader Roscoe discovers that his stuffed pig is missing from his backpack, he accuses the class bully of “pig-napping” and gets even by taking the bully’s teddy bear.

How to beat the bully without really trying by Scott Starkey

Fiction Book – Rodney, an admitted coward, moves to Ohio where the middle school bully immediately singles him out, but when a stray baseball knocks the bully out just as he is about to beat Rodney up, Rodney gains an undeserved reputation as a tough guy.

Berenstain Bears and the bully by Stan Berenstain

Picture BookWhen Sister Bear gets beaten up by Tuffy, the new cub in town, Brother huffs off to set this bully straight.  But he’s in for a surprise–Tuffy’s a little girl, and Brother just can’t bring himself to fight her.

Pinky and Rex and the bully by James Howe

A bully calls Pinky a sissy because he likes the color pink, but a wise neighbor helps him deal with the situation and stay calm.

Monster Mama by Liz Rosenberg

Picture Book – Even though she’s a real monster, Patrick Edward loves his mom–especially when she uses her powers to tame a trio of young bullies.

Tyrone the horrible by Hans Wilhelm

Picture Book – A little dinosaur named Boland tries several ways of dealing with the biggest bully in the swamp forest, until finally hitting on a successful tactic.

Joshua T. Bates takes charge by Susan Shreve

Fiction Book – Tommy Wilhelm and his gang of bullies have never let fifth-grader Joshua forget that he was held back in the third grade. Now Tommy has started picking on a dorky new kid and Joshua must choose between sticking up for the nerd and saving his own neck.

Super Emma by Sally Warner

Fiction Book – Emma McGraw may be a bit shy, but when someone’s being teased, she’s the first one to defend them. So when Jared Mathews keeps picking on Ellray Jakes, Emma can’t hold back. “Quit it, you big bully,” she yells. But the results aren’t exactly what she hoped for. Ellray is embarrassed to be rescued by a girl, kids are calling her “Super Emma,” and now Jared is picking on her! He’s even threatening to “trash her”-whatever that means. Who’s going to get poor Emma out of this fix? Her mother? Her teacher? Or maybe Emma will have to live up to her new name, after all.

Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill

Picture Book – Mean Jean is the biggest bully on the school playground until a new girl arrives and challenges Jean’s status as the Recess Queen.

Mim, gym, and June by Denis Roche

Picture Book – When the second grade starts to take gym class with the third graders, Mim finds herself intimidated by the larger June.

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